Wedding Day

( aka Magic Flute )


The moment I felt Death       
courting you       
my rib cage collapsed     
splintered into loss     
it would take lifetimes     
of growth to reform belief    
from shattered cartiledge 
and bone     
I curled into childhood--   
that strange little girl       
always alone 
talking to herself       
on the playground     

Thinking she was whispered       
a safe solitude     
of hush-holy clouds       
cammoflaging her       
from mating rituals   
a detached being     
seen in shades of rock       
beneath surfaced depth       
Death itself couldn't touch    
From there I grew-- 
Wherever that courtship       
carried you, into a marriage       
and honeymoon-- 
I'd never know 

I renounced hope     
a solitude of celibate womb     
misguided by a Magic Flute   
I wanted to know 
you'd made it across 
See Love embracing you       
before surrendering       
to my Universal course       
So my heart grew talons     
gripped the earth where it stood     
became obstinate       
refused to budge       
But, Love is the birth of Truth   
that severs the umbilical cord    
You were, after all     
the first coup de foudre     
I climbed aboard     
and could've been       
the last amour       
out of this place     
Had it not been       
for the Grace destined       
to take your place--     
lift me from drowning     
from lonely demise     
But, only when I learned     
to finally let you go     
and say Goodbye    

November, 2013  

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