The best proof of love is trust. ~ Joyce Brothers

I Love You as


the vacuum between stars;   
a matterless, infinite throated   
black hole unto Source   
Beyond its ribbed cartilage   
rests Truth; Darkness   
begat Light from atomic   
resonance, announced   
I Am that I Am   
I Love You as   
weightless debri, disks   
hurdling unimpeded   
through space   
clusterless, homeless   
their outward migration   
of unequal brightness   
a force of defiance   
Gravity, a long forgotten   
prison binding form   
unto its atmosphere   
of muted tones, indistinct   
outlines dispersing fractal   
geometry from planetesimals   
I Love You as   
Death, Its satellite orbit   
liberating innate beacons;   
particles forming meteorites   
burning upon impact   
to escape imprisonment   
I Love You as   
You open the gate   
gentleman that you are;   
usher me first, your hand   
guiding my lower back;   
reluctantly release me   
to Trust our bond remain   
intact between worlds   
Because you knew   
( as you always have )   
I would not survive alone:   
I was born of Patience   
worshipping Breath   
Believing by Faith in Us   
ever vigilant for your Omen   
On the closed gate it is written:   
What God begat from Nothing   
will once again return   
I Love You as   
this; rearranging faultlines   
of patterned mistakes;   
wasted bridges of construction   
now engulfed in flames   
Only ever forward-motion   
pure energy propelling   
Us ahead together   
again, and again 
I Love You as   
I always have:   
Now and Then   

© January 2018


Foam-capped waves 
  a mountanous sight; 
an ocean bleeding 
The great white Moon 
  a circling shark; 
devouring darkness 
  and starry night 
Morning bestirs 
   drunk on poems 
reveal ductile bodies 
   limpid with Love   


© March 2018

I wait because



the world goes on despite grief 
our loved-ones warm in graves 
while friends and acquaintences 
congregate with their own lives 
having paid genuine respect 

I wait because I've been there 
watching those cars drive by 
from the burial site or window; 
families enroute to a day out 
nothing in their world seemingly 
shattered or displaced 

I wait because Monday comes 
nonetheless, followed by the week; 
a corporate cog churning nonstop 
for quota of productive deadlines 
while our mother's dresser 
father's recliner, or grandparents' 
bobby pins and cardigans 
remain as they were left 

Or, our son's and daughter's cry 
in the delivery room haunting us; 
their first kick to the womb 
a miscarried memory now 
torn between pain and joy 
of an empty nest 

I wait because we don't forget 
your bereavement 
the first holiday without them 
or birthday, yours or theirs 
now absent of presence 

I wait until you think 
you're alone and forgotten 
so you can take comfort 
in the condolences 
that you're not 

I wait because I understand 
being a twig on a mighty oak 
becoming a branch followed 
by the trunk and roots holding 
it all together in loss 

I wait because I am here for you 
and remember their contribution 
to Life and Love fondly 
whether their legacy be a son 
daughter, mother, father 
brother, sister, cousin, 
aunt, uncle, grandparent 
friend . . . 

I wait as a dandelion disperses 
itself into surviving seeds 
of wishes and dreams 

© February 2018

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