June 8, 2018

When Karl Maier met Jamie Estes in 1999, he never imagined a 20 year friendship/marriage lead them into opening the Owl and Ivy, an Exotic Gifts, Accessories & Home Decor shop.  This destination for Hippies, Gypsies & Wanderers is located in historic Gastonia, NC at 17...

June 4, 2018

Would a child ever choose a carrot over a cookie? In our growing world of boxed and fast food meals, are they even able to identify every-day fruits and vegetables older generations could at their age?

A  2009 study by Lorson, Melgar-Quinonez, and Taylor found that 74....

June 2, 2018

In his July 2017 article entitled, 4 REASONS WHY SMALL MUSIC VENUES ARE MORE ENJOYABLE,  Brian Howarth says, What small venues lack in space, they gain in concert value. Think of a small venue as a compressed version of a large venue. It contains all of the same elemen...

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