“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” 
― Albert Einstein

Waning Gibbous

Sable mantle dons   
her saffron shoulders   
Studded formations   
shape vantablack velvet   
as constellations   
Portals of REM   
bend earthen reality   
unfolding possibility   
Light illuminates paths   
but, darkness reveals Truth   
strength of heart   
Waning gibbous tests belief   
compels Us onward   
in blind faith   
preparing our just reward;   
the waxing gift of sight   
to see how far we've come 

20th January 2018

Indian Summer

My heart winks you into permanence:   
writing, sketching, reading     
Whatever it is you are doing now   
in dark-gray lead on plain paper;   
no burgundy hues amber in light   
cobalt blue for stark emphasis   
or a thesaurus accompaniment   
to redefine that which simply is:   
A portrait in need of no retouching;   
words perfect in formation   
shaping Universal omens     
sacrosanct souls amid pupils     
Soon the crocuses will come     
as madness skulking the brain   
sweet smoke of morning hashish     
and Spring in her nightdress     
Hair clouding slate pillows of rain   
smelling of furrowed earth and trees     

© February, 2018

Bishop Peter

Doorway to Spring   
growing thing, splitting   
tender shoots   
soft, luminous   
starlike seedling curling   
from its meteor cavern   
needing so little warmth   
nebula heart prickled   
gelatinous in dormancy   
I lift nearer the offering   
aroma puncturing me   
sharper than stark branches   
until I relax. . .   
regain my earthly senses   

© February, 2018


They say I knew you     
     before these brittle bones     
       formed in the womb     
       Your details were etched     
     into my subconcious psyche     
 before time was born     
A double stranded helix     
     of spiralling DNA     
       beyond human memory     
       They say to me     
       in times of doubt     
  Validation isn't important   
as knowing deep down     
Nor should I worry     
    about proving     
       what already exists     
       But, instead, experience     
   each moment of Life   
for what it is --     
As children do     
       playing without proof     
         forgiving in Love     
         Before letting it go     
     so the next has room   
to present itself     
This, this is the only Truth     
   anyone need know     
   And all, through Lifetimes     
 we're meant to learn     

© 20th March 2018

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