May 21, 2018



Greetings! Welcome to TamArtsy, my friends! Big news! Today, after almost a decade, I'm releasing an updated brand identity, which includes a new logo, colors, and font. You’ll recognize the new look anywhere I'm out in public, like my new website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages! Very soon you’ll see it on all my photos, as well. I believe the new look better matches what I've become since 1999: a provider of creative content

modernizing aspects of visual and written documentation for advertising, promotion, or personal use.  Through graphic design, corporate and/or product promotion, copy/developmental editing, content creation, and lastly, photography, I hope to continue the legacy of presenting a beautiful community of locally owned small business in their brightest and best aspect: always positive; always genuine! 


In essence, I'm practically your one-stop service center for content creation.


Since my founding in 1999, I’ve more or less stuck with the same film strip, depicting solely photography services. But in the last few years I’ve changed quite a lot, and the old look started to chafe. The film strip seemed restrictive of the overall services I offer. Needless to say, it was time for a change. My design goal was to better match how I look to my values and the users I serve. After consulting with past and present business owners, TamArtsy seemed to fit perfectly, and encompasses services beyond the photography I am known for.



I hope you'll Ride the Wave into the next chapter of my life, and Create Every Moment!

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